About Livietism

Okay, so Livietism is a religion. Not very well kniwn I may state considering I created it. My name is Tim Hilliard and I hate religion with a passion. Its stupid and a waste of peoples lives. But now your probably thinking well then why are you saying that this is a religion? Because I do have certain beliefs that just don't categorize themselves in any way.

What do Livits believe?

In Livietism, there is no God. A god is pointless. There is no god, no allah, no whatever people believe. They do NOT exist. Whoever thinks that some giant dude is sitting up in the sky, waiting to welcome you to heaven is the dumbest shit I personally have ever heard. There is no Hell, there is no pearly gates of Heaven.What we do on Earth has no effect on what happenes to us when we die. Because what DOES happen when we die? NOTHING! You won't think, you won't be a ghost, you wont go to heaven or hell. When your dead you seriously are nothing. You merley stop thinking.

Well isn't that just being an Atheist?

No. Because there are things in this world that cannot be explained. There is a link to body, and earth that many do not realize exists or believe exists. Atheists don't believe that. But it is there. Everything is the same. Everything is Atoms and Molecules, bonded together, some moving at different rates, and some bonded differently. But everything is one big blob of atoms and molecules and we control them all. We dont know how to, but we can. Its like wiggling your ears, most people can't but only because they dont know how to move that muscle. Much like controling that which is around you.